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You have questions, we have answers. 

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Foro, the process, and requirements. You can also connect with us directly if you have a specific need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Foro work?

Foro is a digital platform that uses data and technology to connect businesses like yours, seeking $1M-$50M+ in capital with the right financial institutions, based on the needs and objectives of both parties. 

Why is Foro right for my business?

Every business is different but the Foro platform was built to meet the personalized needs of every business. We've paired a streamlined commercial lending process with a network of the top financial institutions, all of which is powered by a proprietary algorithm, so you'll spend less time finding the right lender to meet your needs. 

Does it cost me anything to register?

No. You will not be charged a fee for registering with us.

Also, you have zero obligations to any financial institution you're matched with after completing your Business Profile. 

What financial institutions are part of the Foro Lending Network?

Foro's network of lenders consists of a diverse set of financial institutions including national banks, community banks, alternative lenders, and others.

We're also regularly evaluating and expanding our network to fit the evolving needs of businesses and the economy.

What information do banks require to be considered for a loan?

Businesses seeking a commercial loan will need a complete Business Overview, which includes a core set of documents:

  • Comprehensive Business Overview: key facts about your business, its products and services, strategy, threats, and long-term outlook
  • Three Years of Financial Statements: business tax returns or CPA prepared statements 
  • Interim Financial Statements: your balance sheet statement, income statement and cash flow statements 
  • Business Projects or Business Plan: forecast models, proforma, and detailed explanation for how the capital will be used 
  • Personal Tax Returns & Financial Statements: federal and state tax returns and other financial statements (i.e., investing, retirement, or savings)
  • Company Documents: articles of incorporation, any business licenses or certificates

PLEASE NOTE: Certain loan types require additional documentation that helps a bank assess the fair value of assets that may be included in the transaction:

  • General Bank Loans: accounts receivable aging report, accounts payable aging report, inventory reports, and client lists, including % of revenue per client
  • Commercial Real Estate: most recent appraisals and purchase agreements
  • Equipment Loans: description of the equipment and purchase agreements 
  • Business Acquisition: company overview, company financials, and owner details
How long does the lending process take?

Typically, securing and closing a commercial loan can take between 60-90 days. Timing will depend on how prompt both the business and the lender are in communicating with each other and delivering the information and financial documentation required.

With Foro, you can save up to half the time a typical process takes due to our streamlined processes and strong relationship with lenders. 

How do I know which type of loan is right for my business?

Financial institutions offer different types of commercial loans based on the goal of the loan and how it will be repaid. For an overview of common options available today, visit our Bank Loan Products page. 

How does Foro make money?
We’ve built our platform around creating the best lending experience for small and mid-size businesses. Which is why they never pay Foro for the services we provide.
Instead, we earn money through our partnership with lenders, who pay Foro for being a part of our lender network. That compensation doesn’t impact our objectivity or impartiality in recommending potential lender partners that meet the unique needs of a business. 

Not sure which loan best fits your needs?

Get an overview of all the commercial lending options available to you.