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We believe every business deserves a fair chance to access capital and grow.

We're building a process that enables businesses to be evaluated objectively and on the merits of their financials.

Our Story


We were founded by a small group of investors, consisting of former leaders at financial institutions and small businesses. Through decades in their respective fields, our team has first-hand experience with how inefficient and frustrating the lending process can be for small and midsize businesses. 

We've made it our mission to improve and make commercial lending more accessible, in particular, for those in underrepresented communities, by empowering growing businesses to quickly find, evaluate, and select the best financial institution partner to meet their needs.

Data and Insights Driven

Leveraging data and insights, our platform meets the personalized needs of both businesses and financial institutions, delivering a streamlined, cost-efficient, and transparent way to build equitable relationships. This provides both businesses and financial institutions with greater confidence and predictability from the very first conversation.

Our proprietary algorithm quickly analyzes specific data variables to determine the highest probability of a successful match between businesses and multiple financial institutions, removing the guesswork and subjective bias that has typically influenced financial decisions.

Data Driven

Meet Our Team

Together, we are changing the commercial lending process and increasing access to capital for businesses across the country.